Key Ward FAQ

How can Key Ward guarantee precision in engineering designs?

Key Ward's platform ensures precision in engineering designs by utilizing generative AI and predictive modeling, with a specific focus on advanced data analysis and ML-Ops. Our AI models are meticulously trained to detect and remove outliers from the training set, guaranteeing the highest accuracy and relevancy in predictions.

Key Ward offers a ''reality check'' on the holistic integration of Key Ward's AI capabilities. Through this pragmatic approach, we aim to de-risk the path of AI adoption for our customers, fostering an environment conduction to unbiased evaluation.

The ultimate litmus test lies in the empirical showcasing of the substantial competitive edge that can be gained, quantified through a demonstratable Return on Investment (ROI).

How does Generative AI help in reducing design and prototyping costs?

Generative AI significantly reduces design and prototyping costs by automating and optimizing various stages of the design process. Through generative AI, companies can quickly generate and evaluate multiple design options, significantly cutting down the time and resources typically required for manual iterations. Predictive modeling and AI-generated 3D models allow for accurate simulations and virtual testing, minimizing the need for physical prototypes.

What are the benefits of using a “No Code” AI tool like Key Ward over traditional python programming?

Key Ward is a commercial platform that can help engineers build scalable, maintainable, and efficient AI solutions very quickly. Both technical and business considerations factor into you’re decision to purchase a commercially-available platform like Key Ward vs. building your own solution.

For mission-critical uses of AI, Key Ward has advantages for the individual engineer and the engineering department leaders to help establish and sustain valuable AI models as part of your development process.  

Can I incorporate my own custom code into Key Ward?

In addition to the Custom Code step, in which you can add python code to a notebook, we can work with you on other possibilities to add your existing python code into the platform.

As an engineer with a loaded schedule of projects, how quickly can Key Ward's solutions be integrated into our existing projects and workflows without causing disruptions?

The transition to AI with our platform is streamlined to minimize technical challenges for your team. Leveraging Key Ward's No-Code tools, APIs and automated data processing within our data management platform, we ensure a smooth integration process. This approach allows teams without prior AI expertise to easily adopt and utilize our AI solutions for engineering and design projects, ensuring that the transition is as seamless as possible.

How can we trust Generative AI to maintain our engineering standards?

Our generative AI and predictive modeling are rigorously trained for precision, and on the principles of advanced data analysis, cleaning and processing, ensuring that it meets and often exceeds engineering standards. These technologies enable precise predictive data modeling and AI-generated 3D models that adhere to rigorous standards, providing reliable and consistent outcomes that align with industry benchmarks.

Is my team's lack of AI expertise going to be a problem?

Not at all. The design of our data management platform, ML-Ops, and generative AI tools emphasizes user-friendly interfaces and automated data processing, specifically tailored for teams without prior AI expertise. This approach allows your team to leverage generative AI in engineering applications, including AI mechanical design and AI-generated 3D models, without the need for extensive expertise in artificial intelligence or data science.

Can my data science team benefit from using Key Ward?

Engineers who use Key Ward are more self-sufficient because they can build models based on the data that they know and fully understand.

In some cases, the data science team may use Key Ward as a fast prototyping tool to quickly find the best type of model for their given challenge. We’ve also seen examples where the data science team uses the dashboarding capabilities in Key Ward as a mechanism for hosting and gaining adoption for their modeling work within the engineering workflow

Do we risk compromising our design data security with Generative AI?

Our AI and data management platform incorporates the highest standards of data security including Federated Learning, employing advanced data encryption and automated data processing systems to protect your design data. These measures ensure that the integrity and confidentiality of your engineering data are maintained, mitigating risks and safeguarding against unauthorized access or breaches. With Federated Learning, we ensure that your confidential data does not leave your premise.

How complex is it to scale your ML-Ops platform with our growth?

Scaling our ML-Ops platform to match your growth is designed to be straightforward and efficient, thanks to its architecture built on cloud-native technologies and automated data processing. The platform's modular design and automated data management capabilities allow for easy expansion of resources and functionalities, ensuring it can adapt and scale up with your engineering projects and organizational growth seamlessly.

What level of performance can we expect from Generative AI compared to human analysis?

AI-driven analysis, especially through generative AI and predictive modeling, can significantly outperform human analysis in speed, efficiency, and the ability to process and analyze large datasets. The use of Key Ward’s advanced data analysis enables AI to identify patterns and insights beyond human capability, leading to faster, more accurate decisions and predictions, enhancing productivity and innovation in engineering and other fields.