AI Predictions Without the Friction of Data Prep

Experience the remarkable synergy between MLOps and AI predictions, as you unlock new possibilities and drive your innovation forward.

/key Ward FLOW overview

Use AI-ready data sets automatically prepared on HUB to enhance CAE evaluations of your product design and reduce costs by 33%.


Disrupting Design Evaluation Workflows

Key Ward FLOW helps engineering teams accelerate engineering design evaluations while maintaining the desired level of quality and accuracy & achieving faster time to market.

Predict Performance

Unleash extraordinary power of 1D, 2D, and 3D deep learning AI models, propelling your engineering design towards unparalleled performance predictions that can revolutionize your product development process.

Explore Designs

Embrace creativity and traverse the vast expanse of design possibilities at an astonishing speed, exploring a multitude of design variations 10,000 times faster, propelling your product-driven endeavors towards success.

Accelerate Processes

No need to re-invent the wheel. Achieve faster & better results with less data. Build on top of our pre-trained AI models.

Keyward FLOW Software

Key Ward FLOW offers generative AI models that can be embedded in your engineering workflow. Build on top of our pre-trained AI models to give you real-time outputs on your designs. Allowing fast and accurate results with less data.

Pre-Developed AI Architectures

Use one of Key Ward's pre-developed state of the art AI architectures specifically designed for certain uses cases (e.g. external aerodynamics, turbo-machinery). Allowing you to build on top of of our robust AI architectures.

Pre-Trained AI Models

Explore our proprietary AI models for certain use cases that you can use off the shelf. Our pre-trained AI models allow you achieve better results with less data, while saving significant development costs and time.

Design Space Exploration

Explore a wider set of design variations by boosting evaluation speeds within seconds, enabling unprecedented speed & efficiency of your designs.

Transfer Learning

No need to retrain your models from scratch. Continously improve your AI models with new data via Transfer Learning.

Aircraft Turbine Keyward

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Learn more about how Key Ward’s software suite can enhance your product design testing at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Bring together CAD geometries, CAE files, and experimental measurements, all in one place.

Find answers to “What-If” design scenarios 10.000x faster with
Key Ward's pre-trained generative AI models