Revolutionize the Way You Manage AI Data

Effortlessly centralize CAD geometries, CAE files, and experimental measurements for built-in analytics and auto convert into an AI-ready digestible format.

/keyward HUB overview

HUB is the first advanced MLOps platform for engineering AI applications designed to revolutionize the way you manage engineering data and automatically prepare it for AI.


Accelerate Your AI Adoption Process

Transform your datasets (regardless of the file type) into AI-ready data automatically, unearthing the untapped potential within your engineering data.

Quick Insights

Auto extract data out of engineering files, slash post-processing efforts by 60%, and analyze vast amounts of data to get quick insights.

Prepare Seamlessly

Retain ownership over your data and prepare it seamlessly for AI without data science experience.

Easy Integration

Integrate with APIs into engineering software packages and external databases for enhanced data ingestion.


With Keyward HUB you can unlock real-time engineering insights and harness the potential of automated AI-ready data, revolutionizing how you analyze and optimize your engineering projects with speed and accuracy.

Auto Extract

Auto-extract data out of most CAE file formats 93% faster without writing a single line of code.

Organize and Collaborate

Achieve a comprehensive engineering files overview. Foster collective intelligence and collaboration by capturing, sharing, and exporting designs.

No-Code Advanced Analytics

Centralize engineering files, and get insights by identifying design performance patterns, outliers and biases in your data. Understand the characteristics, quality and relevance of your data to help you identify potential problems.

Auto prepare for AI

Eliminate data science costs by automating the tedious process of extracting AI-ready data out of most engineering software files, performance data, and metadata and auto-convert into AI-ready digestible format using HUB's in-built ETL tools.

Keyward HUB Interface
Keyward HUB Interface

Squadra Corse forges ahead with HUB’s advanced analytics & AI adoption

Squadra Corse uses Keyward HUB
HUB has streamlined our workflow, saving us a significant amount of time and facilitating direct analysis of simulation results. The automated data extraction tool has been a game-changer, speeding up post-processing operational tasks by 93% and freeing up more than two weeks of time per season.
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Get a 1D, 2D, & 3D design output & design evaluations in seconds instead of hours.
No Data Science required.

Transform your raw datasets
of any file type into AI-ready digestible data without coding