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Engineering data management has never been simpler.

One platform. Endless engineering innovation.

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Advanced Analytics for Engineering Excellence

Key Ward HUB is the first advanced DataOps solution specifically designed for engineering workflows to eliminate the risk associated with AI adoption. Engineers can now centralize CAD geometries, CAE files, and experimental measurements effortlessly for built-in advanced analytics without requiring any data-science experience.
Automatically extract, organize, prepare and convert data into AI-ready formats, simplifying engineering data management for faster, more accurate results.
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Accelerate Your AI Adoption Process

Transform any engineering dataset, whether from StarCCM+, OpenFOAM, ANSYS, or any CAE file, into AI-ready formats automatically with our unique engineering data management solution.
Leverage every datapoint for smarter engineering decisions.

Actionable Engineering Insights

Gain actionable engineering insights with advanced analytics tailored for engineering data.
Optimize designs and speed up development cycles with just a few clicks.

Simple AI-Ready Data Preparation

Quickly convert raw data into AI-ready formats, eliminating the need for data-science expertise and minimizing the lead time for AI adoption.

Direct Data Integration

Easily integrate and manage diverse engineering datasets from multiple sources, streamlining your data consolidation, saving time, money, and efforts.

Key Ward HUB Engineering Data Management Platform
Key Ward Hub Engineering Data Management Platform 2
Key Ward Hub Engineering Data Management Platform 3
Key Ward Hub Engineering Data Management Platform 4
Key Ward Hub Engineering Data Management Platform 5
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Stop wasting time on manual engineering data management tasks.
Automate. Analyze. Advance.

Auto Extract

Auto-extract data out of most CAE file formats 93% faster without writing a single line of code.

Auto prepare for AI

Eliminate data science costs by automating the tedious process of data preparation of your engineering files for AI projects.

No-Code Advanced Analytics

All your engineering data now accessible from a single platform. Centralize your engineering files and get instant insights by easily visualizing design performance patters, outliers, and biases in your data.

Organize and Collaborate

Achieve a comprehensive engineering files overview. Foster collective intelligence and collaboration by capturing, sharing, and exporting designs.

Keyward HUB Interface
Keyward HUB Interface

Squadra Corse forges ahead with HUB’s advanced analytics & AI adoption

Squadra Corse uses Keyward HUB
HUB has streamlined our workflow, saving us a significant amount of time and facilitating direct analysis of simulation results. The automated data extraction tool has been a game-changer, speeding up post-processing operational tasks by 93% and freeing up more than two weeks of time per season.
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Get a 1D, 2D, & 3D design output & design evaluations in seconds instead of hours.
No Data Science required.

Eliminate the risks associated with manual data management

Go from raw data of any file type into AI-ready digestible data in minutes, without the need to code. Contact us now to learn more.