Unleashing Innovation: Keyward's CAE - Generative AI Fusion.

Pioneering Engineering Data Intelligence.

Unlock product quality and speed with advanced 3D Deep-Learning.


Keyward is the first advanced, Self-Service MLOps platform for CAE evaluations designed to disrupt the AI Adoption process and deploy pre-trained generative AI models. No Data Science experience required on your side.

Wind Turbine Blades Keyward

Unlock The Power of Data-Driven Engineering

From raw data to trained AI. Iterate quickly, test scenarios, and identify potential issues.

Auto Extract & Organize

Extract data out of most engineering file formats and get insights with advanced analytics.

Auto Prepare Data for AI

Process your extracted data and auto-convert into AI-ready digestible format.

Predict Performance

Predict your engineering design performance with Keywards pre-developed generative artificial intelligence models.

/our products

Disrupting the design evaluation workflows and changing the way engineers work together

Keyward is developing robust generative AI software to help your engineering teams predict performance and quality of product designs without data science experience.

/ai powered predictions

AI-powered predictions made frictionless

Leverage AI models friction-free, without data science experience expected on your part, to make engineering design predictions 10.000x faster.

AI powered predictions by Keyward
  • /energy
  • /engineering teams
  • /time to market
  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 1/2
  • /energy
  • /engineering teams
  • /time to market
  • 300 MW/hr Energy used by a wind tunnel & super computers

    Keyward software cuts down the energy- and labor-intensive design evaluation cycle by half, thereby allowing teams to iterate more designs in less time without jeopardizing quality.

  • Millions of datapoints exchanged across departments

    Analysis & collaboration reduces 60% of post processing & documentation.

  • Up to 3 years per product development project

    Cutting down design evaluation cycles by 93% halves your time to market.


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Driving innovation and creating exceptional designs

Join us on this remarkable journey towards simplified engineering management, accelerated insights, and cost optimization.

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