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Cut down aerodynamic development costs and energy by 50%

Get rid of outdated aerodynamics and fluid mechanics processes and replace them with Keyward's AI powered SaaS solution.
  • No AI experience needed. We do it for you

  • 10000x Faster - Flow predictions in fraction of seconds instead of hours

  • Higher precision

  • Meet regulations that are getting stricter every year

  • Avoid huge penalties

  • Democratize your data and prevent knowledge loss



We significantly reduce development process time, energy (ESG) and costs by c.a 50%.

Get started straight away

Our services require no experience in Machine Learning or data analysis.

Save costs and time

0.08 Seconds to get a results
with 95% accuracy Vs. 6 hrs.

Pricing that fits your business

Our subscription model is flexible and is based on client requests.

We have experience and traction


Years of combined engineering experience




High profile client projects


Letters of intent from well known experts

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Why is Keyward using AI to update the aerodynamic development process?

Aerodynamics / fluid mechanics development is a very complicated and iterative process. It requires the involvement of 7+ departments from design, simulations, wind tunnel testing and efficiency till a product is finalised.

Departments use different tools, soft & hardware that are not integrated, resulting in the following inefficiencies:

High Cost & complex process
  • €3M to develop an aerodynamic vehicle project

  • 1 hour in wind tunnel costs €5k for aero development

  • Fines of non-compliance totaling €34Bn in 2021

Time Consuming
  • 3 years per vehicle development project

Data Chaos
  • Millions of datapoints are exchanged between departments with no data management that are wasted gold

Monument-High Energy Consumption (ESG)
  • Aero development requires heavy use of energy intensive resources and super computers

  • Wind tunnel consumption/year = 26.880 households' consumption /year - 80 GW/year Vs. 3 MW/year for a 2-person household

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