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HUB Solving Challenges Adopting AI in Engineering

Explore Key Ward HUB data management capabilities and how they enable seamless AI integration including automated data extraction, cleaning, and processing into your engineering workflows without the necessity of coding.

A comprehensive report on the challenges adopting AI in engineering

  • AI can revolutionize the engineering field by providing real-time feedback, simulating and testing designs, and generating design alternatives.
  • Challenges in AI implementation include data-related issues (data quality, availability, preparation, privacy, and security), technical hurdles, and talent acquisition challenges.
  • Key Ward tackles these challenges by providing tools such as Key Ward HUB for automated data extraction, exploratory data analysis, and AI-ready data preparation, as well as Key Ward FLOW for training or fine-tuning AI models. They aim to democratize AI implementation in engineering and make it accessible to engineers without coding skills.

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