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Key Ward AI I Game-Changer in Aerodynamics

August 31, 2023 6:00 PM


  • Learn about Squadra Corse's design workflow and their specific objectives for leveraging AI's capabilities.
  • Experience real-time AI predictions using Key Ward FLOW, showcasing rapid execution speeds, detailed 3D pressure fields, and scalar outputs.
  • Observe how Key Ward’s AI performs sensitivity analysis of drag and lift to geometrical changes.
  • Compare results between Key Ward’s AI models and traditional CFD methods.
  • Understand how to enhance the current limits of AI in external race car aerodynamics for higher accuracy
  • Contemplate the broader vision and application of AI in aerodynamics, tailored to user needs

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This webinar is for engineers, managers, CFD & aerodynamics specialists, data scientists, and anyone interested in discovering how AI can accelerate and leverage engineering simulations.


Asparuh Stoyanov

CTO & Co-founder

Lubo Vodenicharov

Head of Engineering

Stephen Shibel

Commercial Director

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